Marvin Escursioni

of Giovanni Lagatta - since 1990

The excursions

All our excursions include stops and swims in the most beautiful places: you will land on beaches that can only be reached by sea, explore caves, relax in quiet coves.
On board you can benefit shaded seatings and a sunbathing area. You will also find water and iced tea.

Timetable & Prices

The excursions are collective and are scheduled every day. Departures takes place from the port of Maratea three times a day with the following planning:

Morning 9:30 - 13:00
Afternoon 14:30 - 18:00
Sunset 18:15 - 20:45


Adults - Morning/Afternoon 30 €
Adults - Sunset 25 €
Children - up to 12 years old 20 €
Children - up to 2 years old gratis

For information and bookings write us :


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Where we are

Google Maps location

Porto di Maratea,
Strada Provinciale Maratea-Castello,
85046 Maratea